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God’s Word says that Christ came to deliver us! Even though this sounds very strange, the Bible says that we need deliverance. Of course, you can question if this is truly necessary, but ask yourself if something is holding you back? When we look at ourselves, we see that we really need Christ to deliver us from the burdens in our souls.

In order to see that you really need Christ, think about it. Haven’t you ever been worried, had depressing thoughts or were filled with anger and hatred? Our mind needs to be freed because it is full of evil thoughts. Our mind is full of bitterness, bad memories from the past, and questions about ourselves. The Bible calls all of these burdens because they steal our freedom in Christ. There comes a point when we’re completely enslaved by guilt, bitterness towards our spouse, sadness and frustration with the life we have. There are so many negative thoughts that only Christ can free us from them. Do want this for your life? Do you want Christ to come into your mind and deliver you from all your burdens? This is the starting point for your deliverance because Christ waits for your decision before He will act.

It’s important for you to realize that Christ alone can do this work in your life. God’s Word says this in John 8:36, “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” From this passage, we can see that we can only be free if Christ delivers us. Therefore, the deliverance we need is in Christ. There’s nothing else that can do this work in our life. As an example, look at a time when you were offended. Whenever, we’re offended, we become angry and bitter towards that person. So, our heart gets full of bitterness and hatred. Who can free us from the bitterness that has filled our heart from all these offenses?

Do you think time will make you forget all that? Do you think if you get even or just forget about it that you will be freed from these offenses? None of this will help! The verse that we read is very clear when it says that Christ alone can free us. So, you need to realize that Christ can solve whatever difficulty you are going through in your life. He is the true Deliverer! God gave His Son so we could be free from all the burdens in our mind, our will and our emotions. All of the problems in these three areas can only be solved by Christ!

Taken from the Devotional: Table of Bread: Does God talk to You?

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October 25th

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"Prayer Freedom from rejection and hurt"

God the Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I come to Your presence to confess that I am bitter and disappointed, feeling betrayed and sad. I feel under the hands of the executioners.

I ask your forgiveness for allowing me to host these bad feelings in my soul. Thank you because Your Spirit can heal me. I want a cure. I also know, Lord, that I need to open the door of my soul for Your Spirit to enter. I need to forgive. I want to forgive.

Holy Spirit, give me strength and enable me to release forgiveness for those people who hurt and rejected me, offended, disappointed and betrayed me. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I now receive from you all the strength and I reject any attack by Satan and his executioners.

In the name of Jesus, I declare that I forgive …… .. (name the people and situations you want to forgive). I declare that I bless you with all kinds of spiritual and material blessings, in the name of the Mighty Lord Jesus Christ. Lord too, I want to forgive myself and accept myself as you did me. In the name of Jesus, I reject all self-indictment and order now that all the executioners leave my life and never return.


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