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One time a man went into a restaurant where there were tons of sayings written on the walls. One especially caught his attention: “TO LOVE IS TO ALWAYS FORGIVE.” While he was waiting to be served, he read this phrase over and over again. He thought about the message the owner of that establishment wanted to share with everyone who entered there because many others were sure to read those phrases. However, right after that, the man saw a scene that contradicted everything he had read. One of the workers started to fight over the fact that the other worker hadn’t delivered the client’s order on time.

This story makes us question what’s more important: the phrases on the wall or the workers’ attitudes? We see here that the restaurant owner’s principles weren’t observed by the workers. So, we recognize that the workers’ attitudes spoke louder than the printed sayings. James 1:22 says, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” God is like that restaurant owner because He leaves us many principles written in the Bible. God left us teachings of how we should act and react. But a commandment written in black and white has absolutely no value if it’s not practiced, lived out by someone. God’s plan in inspiring men to write the Bible, was so we would read His principles and put them in practice in our daily lives. Are we just like those workers in that restaurant, who read the phrase “love is forgiveness” every day but the first time someone fails, we argue and offend each other? Do we know His divine commands and disdain them?

I’m sure the restaurant owner was frustrated and embarrassed with his workers’ attitudes because his original plan was totally destroyed by them. Many times, our attitudes leave God frustrated! In Mark 7:6 it is written, “This people honors Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.” Every time we offend someone or hold bitterness in our hearts, we’re acting against God’s principles. When we hurt people, we’re embarrassing our Creator. That’s why it says in Exodus 16:28, “How long do you refuse to keep My commandments?” Everyone knows at least one of God’s divine commandments, but we don’t obey them because we disdain God’s words. That’s why we need to remember: Attitudes speak louder than words!

Taken from the Devotional: Table of Bread: Does God talk to You?

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October 24th

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"Prayer Application of the Cross"

Lord Jesus, I am in your presence and I say that I have committed iniquity in the sanctuary. I ask your forgiveness because I am not allowing the authority of Jesus Christ and the authority of Christ Jesus, to manifest itself through my life. This is my sin and I recognize it. Lord Jesus, I need to receive repentance, because I don't have and I don't regret being an obstacle to the flow of God and I have committed iniquity, which is configured in my own attitude, in the expression of my own will. I know, Lord, that this has been an affront to Your glory. Lord, there are evil spirits that are in Your place in my soul and they are using me to be an impediment to the divine flow, both in me and to benefit others. I delayed Your work, I restricted Your work, I manipulated the Sacred, I murmured before Your Word not to accept it and I want to tell You, Lord, that these spirits are present and are in the domain and in the government of my mind. I need Your help, O Lord Jesus, to overcome them and get rid of them. I know Lord that only You, through the power of the cross, can mortify the flesh and cleanse my soul from the presence of these evil beings and make me free to be aware that the moral Law of God can come to guide my thoughts and form my emotions so that I may gain revelation, wisdom and grace from God to fellowship with Christ and understand the depths of God. Lord, make me discourage and lose all hope in myself and in natural things. I now declare that I give the Lord freedom to release the angels of war and the Spirit of life, the anointing of war of Christ, to expel and remove these mental strongholds that have stood against the Word of the Cross in my mind, that they may be destroyed now, in the name of Jesus. Lord Jesus, I give authority for the Lord to remove these evil spirits that want to be God in the place of Christ and are darkness and are already condemned. Get this mistake out of my heart, now, Lord. Right now, I authorize the Lord to transform my heart.


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